NOLA Style Snoballs



Cajun-Sno New Orleans Style Snoballs is an all-original family-owned small business that was created in 2012  to offer customers of all ages a refreshing treat of snoballs. A snoball is made from a giant ice block that is shaved into a fluffy snow-like texture, and then covered in savory made from scratch syrups. Snoballs are similar to water ice, but are unique because you can order multiple flavors in one snoball. Cajun-Sno currently has over 100 flavors!

Where can you find Cajun-Sno? Cajun-Sno is normally located at 2117 Concord Pike, in the parking lot, directly in front of Cupcake Heaven. However they are on the move! Follow Cajun-Sno on FB, IG & T for daily locations, discounts, and new exciting info! Call us today to book your Cajun-Sno-cial! We specialize in parties, large corporate events, sports events, food truck festivals, and even weddings! NEW APP to follow Cajun-Sno is coming soon!

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What makes the snoball “New Orleans Style”? The snowy texture of the shaved ice in combination with NOLA’s original recipe create a result of sweet perfection. Cajun-Sno’s snoballs are made exactly the way it is done in NOLA! Further, in New Orleans, snoballs are served in a Styrofoam cup, with a straw and spoon. Napkins a’plenty, please! Did you know?? … Cajun-Sno’s bright yellow trailer was born in NOLA and hand delivered to owners Dan & Megan Hurst by a New Orleanian and his family in the Spring of 2013! Trailer #2 arrived in 2017 and will be hitting the streets soon!

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So, why is it called “Cajun”-Sno? Are the snoballs spicy? New Orleans is famous for their spicy Cajun cuisine, but Cajun-Sno does not sell spicy flavored snoballs. We have a handful of fun and very unique flavors such as Red Hot, Hurricane, Snow Angel, Dill Pickle, Buttered Popcorn, and Tiger’s Blood.


Name the Cajun-Sno Gator Contest took place during Cajun-Sno’s first season in 2013! Have you met Grady the Gator?

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Are you looking for something new and different to add that special something to your party? Look no further than the Cajun-Sno food truck! We would love to attend your sporting event, birthday party, school event, graduation, wedding, backyard party, celebration, and more! Please let us know how we can help celebrate or support our neighbors! Various packages are available to fit your budget!




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